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The Main Hall



Ceiling paintings

Reception rooms

The Main Hall
The Main Hall was built faced to the east in 1985. It is tile-roofing and made of zelkova tree and a Japanese cypress. If you look from above, you can find the square shape of The Main Hall. Each side is seven-ken(7*180cm) long. Inside of the hall, there is a main statue, Fudo-myoo. A statue of Kobo-daishi is set at the right side of Fudo-myoo. And Kokyo-daishi at the left. Also there is Ryobu-Mandala on the wall.
The main statue of Kanzouin is the Fudomyoo. He said to be the assistant of the Great Sun-Buddha (Dainichinyorai). He helps all living beings to redemption, for he fights the demons which try to pull them on a wrong path. Thus he looks very angry and wild, but his heart is full of mercy. That is the reason, why he is greatly adored all over Japan.

The main statue of Yakushido is the Yakushi-nyorai (sanskr.: Bhaisajyaguru). The full name is Yakushi-ruriko-nyorai, but it is usually called "Yakushi-san". For a long time, the statue of this temple has been called "Yakushi of the rising sun" by the local people. Every year at New Year's Day, a fire ceremony is held in front of this statue.
The ceiling of the Yakushido shows 55 (5*11) paintings by the famous painter Eisuke Somekawa and his students from the painting class.


Plum tree

Persimmon and crow

Colored leaves and mandarin ducks

The rising sun and wild cherry blossoms

Ear of rice and aparrows

Willow and heron

Pine and hawk



Deutzia and cat

Reception rooms
Within the reception rooms various activities such as the painting class, special events etc. take place. Furthermore, a variety of Buddhist paintings (especially works by Eisuke Somekawa) build the decoration in this part of Kanzouin.
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