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◆ Hinode Yakushi Fire Ceremony January 1st, 2.00 p.m.
At Kanzouin we pray every year together with all members of Kanzouin temple at the Yakushido for good luck during the new year. Everyone can join the Fire Cermony that is hold in front of the statue of Hinode Yakushi, as this very statue is called.
◆ Joraku-e February
◆ Spring-higan-e March 18th
◆ Memorial ceremony for Shakyamuni 4/17-4/19
We don't hold particular event but we set "Hanamido" decorated with flowers in front of the main hall in honor of the birth of Shakyamuni. If you come to Kanzouin around April 8th, you can see "Hanamido" holding the little statue of Buddha inside and you can enjoy blooming flowers in the garden.
◆ Howa-e June
◆ Shomyo-Evening in early July
The Shomyo-Evening takes place in early July every year.
Shomyo is the ancient style of Buddhist music. That day students from various universities join the evening. The performance of the memorial ceremony is centered around the students of Taisho University. Until late that evening, the young as well as the older people come to know each other while.
◆ Segaki-e July 24th
◆ Autumn-higan-e March 18th
◆ Joraku-e February
◆ Haru-higan-e March 18th
◆ Mandala-hoe November 1st
◆ Mandala-kowa November 2nd
◆ Special Exhibition November 1st-5th
The biggest event of the Mandala Museum is the special exhibition from November 1st to November 5th. We change the contents of this special exhibition every year. This exhibition is run by Master Somekawa, Master Kodama and their students. We hold the exhibition on a larger scale than such kinds of other exhibitions.
◆ Evening of candle lights November 3rd evening
We light innumerable candle lights throughout the temple for praying.
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